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Linear algebra JACOB Henry G. Houghton Mifflin Company - Boston 1971
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Les systemes d ideaux JAFFARD Paul Dunod - Par¡s 1960
Theorie de la dimension dans les anneaux de polynomes JAFFARD Paul Gauthier-Villars - Par¡s 1960
Wavelet methods for pointwise regularity and local oscillations of functions JAFFARD St‚phane MEYER Yves American Mathematical Society - Providence 1996
Tables of higher functions Jahnke McGraw-Hill Book Company - New York 1960
Tables of functions with formulae and curves JAHNKE Eugene Emde Fritz Dover Publications - New York 1945
Mathematics dictionary giving the meaning of the basic mathematical words and phrases, including an exhaustive covering of the terms form arithmetic through the calculus and the technical terms commonly used in the applications of these subjects James Glenn [ed.] The Digest Press - California 1943
Ordered linear spaces Jameson Graham Springer-Verlag - Berlin 1970
Die zwischenschrittmethode zur losung mehrdimensionaler probleme der mathematischen physik Janenko N. N. Springer-Verlag-Berlin 1969
Differenzierbare g-mannigfaltigkeiten Janich Klaus Springer-Verlag - Berlin 1968
Theory and practice of the evaluation of measurements JANOSSY L. Clarendon Press - Oxford 1965
Theory of finite groups applications in physics, symmetry groups of quantum mechanical systems JANSEN Laurens BOON Michael North-Holland - Amsterdam 1967
Operating systems, structures and mechanics. Janson Philippe A. Academic Press - London 1985
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Theory of probability JEFFREYS Harold Clarendon Press - Oxford 1948
Cartesian tensors JEFFREYS Harold University Press - Cambridge 1957
Methods of mathematical physics Jeffreys^lHarold Swirles Bertha University Press - Cambridge 1956
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Les foncteurs derives de lim et leurs applications en theorie des modules Jensen C. U. Springer-Verlag - Berlin 1972
Modelle der mengenlehre Jensen Ronald Bjorn Springer-Verlag - Berlin 1967
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Estad¡stica elemental Johnson Robert Grupo Editorial Iberoamerica - Mexico 1990
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Systematic software development using VMD JONES Cliff B.
Generalised functions JONES D. S. McGraW-hILL Publishing Company Limited - London 1966
Aplique el dBase III plus JONES Edward
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Le‡ons sur les fonctions uniformes a point singulier essentiel isol‚ JULIA Gaston Gauthier-Villars - Par¡s 1924
Principes g‚om‚triques d analyse JULIA Gaston Gauthier-Villars - Par¡s 1930