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Introducao a analise funcional espacos de banach e calculo diferencial Nachbin Leopoldo OEA - Washington 1976
Algebra elemental Nachbin Leopoldo OEA - Washington 1986
Elements of approximation theory Nachbin Leopoldo D. Van Nostrand Company, Inc. - Princeton 1967
Elements of approximation theory NACHBIN Leopoldo D. Van Nostrand Company, Inc. - Princeton 1967
Topology and order NACHBIN Leopoldo D. Van Nostrand Company, Inc. - Princeton 1965
The haar integral NACHBIN Leopoldo D. Van Nostrand Company, Inc. - Princeton 1965
Topolog¡a e ordem NACHBIN Leopoldo University Press - Chicago 1950
Topology on spaces of holomorphic mappings NACHBIN Leopoldo Springer-Verlag - Berlin 1969
Integral de haar NACHBIN Leopoldo Instituto de f¡sica e matematica - Recife 1960
Holomorphic functions, domains of holomorphy and local properties NACHBIN Leopoldo North-Holland Publishing Company - Amsterdam 1970
Dimension theory Nagami Keio Academic Press - New York 1970
Modern general topology NAGATA Jun-Iti North-Holland Publishing Company - Amsterdam 1968
Modern dimension theory NAGATA Jun-Iti P. Noordhoff - Groningen 1965
Local rings Nagata Masayoshi Interscience Publishers - New York 1962
Lectures on pseudo-differential operators: regularety theorems and applications to non-elliptic problems NAGEL Alexander STEIN E.M.
Fundamentos de ecuaciones diferenciales NAGLE Kent R. SAFF Edward B. Addison-Wesley Iberoamericana - Delaware 1992
Limit theorems and some applications in statistical physics Nahapetian Boris B. G. Teubner Verlagsgesellschaft - Stuttgart 1991
Normed rings Naimark M. A. P. Noordhoff N. V. - Groningen 1959
Normed rings NAIMARK M. A. P. Noordhoff N. V. Ltd. - Groningen 1964
Les representations lineaires du groupe de Lorentz NAIMARK M. A. Dunod - Par¡s 1962
Computational methods in engineering and science whit applications to fluid dynamics and nuclear systems NAKAMURA Shoichiro Wiley-Interscience - New York 1977
Numerical analysis and graphic visualization with MATLAB NAKAMURA Shoichiro Prentice-Hall PTR - New Jersey 1996
M‚todos num‚ricos aplicados con software NAKAMURA Shoichiro Prentice-Hall Hispanoamericana S.A. - Mexico 1992
Introduction to the theory of analytic spaces Narasimhan Raghavan Springer-Verlag - Berlin 1966
Several complex variables NARASIMHAN Raghavan University Press Ltd. - Chicago 1971
Analysis on real and complex manifolds NARASIMHAN Raghavan Masson & Cie - Par¡s 1968
Functional analysis methods in numerical analysis Nashed Zuhair [ed.] Springer-Verlag - Berlin 1979
Les r‚gimes variables dans les syst‚mes lin‚aires et non lin‚aires Naslin P. Dunod - Par¡s 1962
Principios de las calculadoras num‚ricas autom ticas NASLIN P. MARCOMBO S. A. - Barcelona 1960
Theorie der funktionen einer reellen veranderlichen Natanson I. P. Akademie Verlag - Berlin 1954
Theory of functions of a real variable teor¡a functsiy veshchestvennoy peremennoy, chapters X to XVII and appendices NATANSON I. P. Frederick UNGAR Publishing Co. - New York 1955
Theory of functions of a real variable teoria functsiy veshchestvennoy peremennoy, chapters I to IX NATANSON I. P. Frederick Ungar Publishing, co. - New York 1961
Enrichment mathematics for the grades National Council of Teachers of Mathematics National Council of Teachers of Mathematics - Washington 1963
Insights into modern mathematics National Council of Teachers of Mathematics N.C.T.M. - Washington 1957
Conferencias sobre la teor¡a de las ecuaciones integrales (lineales y no lineales) Navarro Borras F. Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cient¡ficas - Madrid 1942
Applied nonlinear dynamics analytical, computational, and experimental methods NAYFEH Ali H. BALACHANDRAN Balakumar JOHN -WILEY & SONS, INC - New York
Les methodes directes en theorie des equations elliptiques Necas Jindrich Masson et Cie ; Academia - Paris ; Prague 1967
Expert systems and fuzzy systems NEGOITA Constantin Virgil
Conformal mapping Nehari Zeev McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc. - New York 1952
Topics in Dynamics I flows Nelson Edward University Press - Princeton 1969
Accelerated testing statistical models, test plans, and data analysis Nelson Wayne John Wiley & Sons - New York 1990
Introduction to dynamic programming NEMHAUSER George L. JOHN WILEY & Sons, Inc - New York 1966
Interger and combinatorial optimization NEMHAUSER George L. WOLSEY Laurence A. John Wiley - New York 1988
Optimization Nemhauser g. L. Rinnooy Kan A. H. G. Todd M. J. [eds.] North-Holland - Amsterdam 1989
Qualitative theory of differential equations NEMYTSKII V. V. STEPANOV V. V. University Press - Princeton 1960
Linear  lgebra and matrix theory NERING Evar D. John Wiley & Sons - New York 1970
Singular integrals Neri Umberto Springer-Verlag - Berlin 1971
Interior-point polynomial algorithms in convex programming NESTEROV Yurii NEMIROVSKII Arkadii SIAM - Philadelphia 1994
Lehrbuch der combinatorik NETTO Eugen Chelsa Publishing Company - New York 1928
Charakterisierung des spektrums eines integraloperators NEUMANN J. von Hermann & Cie. - Par¡s 1935
Knot Groups Neuwirth L. P. University Press - Princeton 1965
Absolute analysis NEVANLINNA R. Springer-Verlag - Berlin 1959
Space, time and relativity Nevanlinna Rolf Addison-Wesley Publishing Company - London 1968
Uniformisierung NEVANLINNA Rolf Springer-Verlag - Berlin 1953
Eindeutige analytische funktionen NEVANLINNA Rolf Verlag von Julius Springer - Berlin 1936
Introduction to complex analysis NEVANLINNA Rolf PAATERO V. Addison-Wesley Publishing Company - Massachusetts 1969
Mathematical foundations of the calculus of probability Neveu Jacques Holden-Day, Inc. - San Francisco 1965
Mathematical foundations of the calculus of probability NEVEU Jacques Holden-Day, Inc. - San Francisco 1965
Jacobian elliptic functions NEVILLE Eric Harold Clarendon Press - Oxford 1951
Quantum mechanics Newing R. A. Cunningham J. Oliver & Boyd - Edinburgh 1967
The world of mathematics a small library of the literature of mathematics from A h-mos‚ the Scribe to Albert Einstein NEWMAN James R. Simon and Schuster - New York 1956
Proceedings of the Second International Conference on the Theory of Groups Newman M. F. [ed.] Springer-Verlag - Berlin 1974
Elements of the topology of plane sets of points Newman M. H. A. University Press - Cambridge 1954
Proceedings of the second berkeley symposium on mathematical statistics and probability Neyman Jerzy [ed.] University Press - Berkeley 1951
Proceedings of the third Berkeley symposium on mathematical statistics and probability contributions of probability theory Neyman Jerzy [ed.] University Press - California 1956
Random coefficient autoregressive models an introduction NICHOLLS Des F. QUINN Barry G. Springer-Verlag - New York 1982
Advanced calculus NICKERSON H. K. SPENCER D. C. STEENROD N. E. D. Van Nostrand Company, Inc. - New Jersey 1959
Russian reader in pure and applied mathematics NIDDITCH P.H. Oliver and Boyd - Londres 1962
Methods in numerical analysis NIELSEN Kaj L. The MACMILLAN COMPANY - New York 1964
Modern algebra an approach based on the concepts of sets with exercises, examinations, and answers NIELSEN Kaj L. BARNES & NOBLE, INC. - New York 1969
Trait‚ ‚l‚mentaire des nombres de Bernoulli Nielsen Niels Gauthier-Villars - Par¡s 1923
Funciones de variable compleja Nieto Jos‚ I. OEA - Washington 1973
Introducci¢n a los espacios de Hilbert Nieto Jos‚ I. OEA - Washington 1978
Characterizations and analysis of block designs Nigam A. K. Puri P. D. Gupta V. K. John Wiley & Sons - New York 1989
Convex structures and economic theory NIKAIDO Hukukane Academic Press - New York 1968
Principles of artificial intelligence NILSSON Nils J. Springer-Verlag - Berlin 1982
Functional analysis NIRENBERG L. New York University - New York 1960-1961
Lectures on linear partial differential equations NIRENBERG Louis A. M. S. - Providence 1973
Planar graphs theory and algorithms NISHIZEKI T. CHIBA N. North-Holland - Amsterdam 1988
Diophantine approximations Niven Ivan Interscience Publishers - New York 1963
Mathematics of choice or how to count without counting Niven Ivan Random House - New York 1965
Numbers rational and irrational Niven Ivan The L. W. Singer Company - Toronto 1961
Irrational numbers NIVEN Ivan Mathematical Association - New Jersey 1956
Calculus an introductory approach NIVEN Ivan D. Van Nostrand Company, Inc. - Princeton 1966
Handbook of Laplace transformation fundamentals, applications, tables, and examples NIXON Floyd E. Prentice-Hall, Inc. - New Jersey 1965
Numerical Methods NOBLE Ben Oliver and Boyd - Edinburgh 1966
Algebra lineal aplicada NOBLE Ben DANIEL James W. Prentice-Hall Hispanoamericana S.A. - Mexico 1989
Numerical optimization Nocedal Jorge Wright Stephen J. Springer-Verlag - New York 1999
Introduction to statistics the nonparametric way NOETHER Gottfried E. Springer-Verlag - New York 1991
Introduction to statistics nonparametric approach NOETHER Gottfried E. Houghton Mifflin Company - Boston 1971
Guide to probability and statisticas, especially prepared for Continental Classroom NOETHER Gottfried E. Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, Inc. - Massachusetts 1961
Algebras involutivas de Stone y de De Morgan regulares No Irma N. Departamento de Matem tica - La Plata 1993
Fundamentals of linear algebra NOMIZU Katsumi McGraw-Hill Book Company - New York 1966
Lie groups and differential geometry NOMIZU Katsumi The Mathematical Society - Japan 1956
Fonctions de plusieurs variables complexes II Norguet Francois [ed.] Springer-Verlag - Berlin 1975
Fonctions de plusierus variables complexes Norguet Francois [ed.] Springer-Verlag - Berlin 1974
Determinaci¢n de concomitantes de objetos geom‚tricos Noriega Ricardo Jos‚
Lecons sur les s‚ries d interpolation Norlund N. E. Gauthier-Villars - Par¡s 1926
An introduction to homological algebra NORTHCOTT D. G. Cambridge at the University Press - London 1962
Ideal theory NORTHCOTT D. G. University Press - Cambridge 1953
An introduction to homological algebra NORTHCOTT D. G. University Press - Cambridge 1960
Fantaisies et paradoxes mathematiques NORTHROP E. P. Dunod - Paris 1954
Cluster sets NOSHIRO Kiyoshi Springer-Verlag - Berlin 1960
Introduction a la logique math‚matique NOVIKOV P. S. Dunod - Paris 1964
Fouriersynthese von kristallen und ihre anwendung in der chemie Nowacki Werner Verlag Birkhauser - Basel 1952
Le probl‚me a N corps propri‚tes g‚n‚rales des gaz de fermions Nozi‚rez P. Dunod - Par¡s 1963
General irreducible markov chains and non-negative operators Nummelin Esa University Press - Cambridge 1984